The city of Thane is situated on the western banks of Thane creek with Parsik hills on the east and Yeoor hills on the west. The city was then know as Shreesthanak. It was more popularly known as the Capital of the Shilahar dynasty. The history of Thane city can be broadly categorized into 5 eras.

‘Aparant’ is the ancient name of the geographical area hosting Thane city. During the Indian expedition of the Greek Emperor Alexander, a number of philosophers, historians and geographists visited India. Among them a Greek historian ‘Tolemi’ has mentioned about the city of Thane in his writings. A famous sailor named Marcopolo had also visited Thane in 1290 ‘A.D. and noted it to be one of the best cities in the world. A place called | ‘Ghodbunder was famous for horse trading thus deriving its name from the word ghoda i.e. horse and bunder meaning port.

During this period a fabric called ‘Tansi’ was exported from Thane. During the period from 13 A.D. to 17 A.D., the Muslims, Portuguese, Marathas, & the British dynasties ruled Thane. From 810A.D. to 1260A.D. the Shilahar Dynasty ruled over Thane. The Emperors of Shilahar dynasty were disciples of Lord Shiva and the Kopineshwar Temple has been built during their reign. During this period, At this time the Shilahars also divided the city into different sections and named them as ‘padas’. it is seen that these padas exist even today by names of Naupada, Patlipada, Agripada etc.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yeoor Hills, Thane

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