Thane City is situated on Salsette Island sharing this with Mumbai. Thane is a vibrant and plush city surrounded by hills and rivers and encompassing numerous lakes.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ulhas River, Gaimukh Creek, Thane West

This is Ulhas River mouth. The river originates in Hills of Karjat and flows all the way and drains in Thane Creek. Above photo is of Ulhas River in Gaimukh Gaon. Massive Sand mining and land grabbing is done on its banks. All city sewage is dumped in to this river right from its source till drain. This river is famous for migratory birds but due to heavy pollution its declining. People throw their holy garbage into it without thinking that it damages the ecosystem. This is a beautiful river but its dying. Its said that there will be a water sport developed at this Gaimukh Creek stretch. Love your City, Clean your City.
Pan photo of Thane Creek, Ulhas River
 Monsoon clouds over Gaimukh Creek Thane West

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