Thane City is situated on Salsette Island sharing this with Mumbai. Thane is a vibrant and plush city surrounded by hills and rivers and encompassing numerous lakes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maintenance Road, Kasheli

Maintenance Road near Kasheli is a long strech of 2.5 KM narrow road alongside of water pipeline. This road is good for jogging as it is straight and few vehicles come here. Being narrow two vehicle cannot pass side by side until you get some wide place as both the sides of road are way below the road level. Its like a jogging track. This ends up in Kolshet Creek.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gaimukh Temple, Thane

Gaimukh Temple, also Jagnath Mahadev Mandir is located aside of Ghodbunder Road near Gaimukh Village. Its above the road which has a very steep climb but short one. You may miss it as there is no board down indicating the Temple name. So keep watching left for a steep slope. Its a big Shiv Temple overlooking the Thane Creek and mountains. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Small Pagodas in Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Lake near Air Force Station

Yeoor Hills top from Tikujini Wadi Side

Yeoor Lake near Tikujini Wadi

TMC Garden at Neelkanth Greens

This is one beautiful TMC Garden near the Yeoor Hills. One can have a short walk or bring children to play. It also has a small amphitheater (no use in a garden). Greenery is good and garden is well maintained. However young couples were banned in coming inside due to some anti social activity by such couples but now I think its open again, not sure. TMC garden closes around 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM.    

Upvan Lake in Monsoon

Thane City from Yeoor Hills

Panoramic view of Thane City Skyline as seen from the Yeoor Hills. Whole of Thane city and mountains can be seen in the aerial view. Click the image to see it.
For More Aerial Views of Thane City: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Thane City in Night

Thane City in Night looks beautiful. The middle photo is of the Parsik Hill and the city of thane at base.

Thane Creek

Thane City is situated on the side of Thane Creek where many boats are used for fishing. Mostly Sand are removed from the banks of Thane Creek. During monsoon Thane Creek looks serene with mountains on background. But the waters of Thane Creek is polluted as it acts as a drain of city and also many people throw puja materials, etc in it. 

Acres of farms are being made by destroying the mangroves. Urban encroachment, sand mining, disposal of sewages, polluted waters are killing Mangroves. Lots of mangroves are destroyed by such incidents. No one follows the CRZ rules. 

Thane city is rich in natural diversity. But its getting exploited. From hills to creek everything is slowly dying. Palaentologica records showing mangroves in Mumbai go back to 40,000 years. 23 of the total 97 species of mangroves in India are found here itself. 

Gov plays no role in conserving such treasures neither the people understand their responsibility. Earlier the banks of Thane creek were gifted with population of mangroves. Now only a thin strip has left.

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